This year’s NTUC May Day Family Celebration will be a plethora of fun-filled activities, either physical or virtual, for our union members and their families to spend quality time together.

A total of 14 activities, spread over a period of one month, ranges from adrenaline-pumping jumpfest and educational virtual night safari tour, to workshops for families to produce delectable bento box meals and get creative with art jamming – creating not just memories of wonderful times spent together but items for functional, daily use. To view the programme booklet, please click here.

A very limited number of AUPE union members may receive 1 unique registration code each to register for an activity. A $10 token fee is payable by the member at the end of the registration online, all proceeds will go towards the NTUC60 Fundraising campaign.

To register for your registration code, please click here. The link will only open on 4 May 2021, Tuesday, 10am. The registration codes will be emailed to successful registrants by 14 May 2021 on a first come first served basis.