AUPE’s Welfare Scheme for Hospitalisation (AWS-H) provides member with a cash benefit when they are warded in a Singapore hospital. The scheme aims to help members defray their out-of-pocket expenses so that they can focus on their recovery. In 2021, close to $110,000 were paid out, benefitting 500 members.

Key Features for AWS-Hospitalisation

*Coverage until 68 applies for members born on/after 1 Jan 1957.


Coverage & Eligibility for AWS-Hospitalisation

AWS-HBasic AWS-HPlus AWS-HFamily
Fees $2/month
($24 per year)
($84 per year
$7/month per family member
($84 per year
Cash pay-out when warded in a local hospital* $40 per day $100 per day $100 per day
Maximum Claim Limit $10,000 lifetime limit $36,500 lifetime limit $36,500 lifetime limit
Eligible to Members of AUPE Union Members of AUPE Union or
AUPE Credit Cooperative (ACC)
Parents, spouse and children of
AUPE Union or ACC member
Last Entry Age Below 61 years old Below 61 years old Family members need to be below 61 years old.
Children need to be at least 1 year old.

*Payout is computed based on the number of days of ward charges stated inside the final invoice from the hospital

Terms & conditions apply. View the T&C here.


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