Saving Deposits

As a member of our credit co-operative, it is not compulsory to save under the Saving Deposits Account. However, should you decide to do so, it will definitely help you in the future. You may choose to save a minimum of $10 per month to a maximum of 50% of your total monthly salary.

Savings interest is at 1% per annum and is credited monthly into this account.

You are also able to withdraw your savings any time as and when you require.

Subscription Saving

All members are required to maintain a compulsory Subscription Account with contribution of $10 per month. This subscription savings account will attract an annual dividend.

Term Deposit


2.90% P.A.


3.50% P.A.

Note: Unless a maturity instruction is given before its maturity date, a matured Term Deposit principal and its accrued interest will be transferred to your ACC savings deposit account and that Term Deposit account will be closed.

*Rates are subjected to change. ACC reserves the right to review the rates
from time to time.

*No interest will be paid in the event of premature withdrawal.