Subscription Savings

All members are required to maintain a compulsory Subscription Savings Account. You can save as little as $10 per month. This subscription savings account will attract an annual dividend.

Saving Deposits

As a member of our credit co-operative, it is not compulsory to save under the Saving Deposits Account. However, should you decide to do so, it will definitely help you in the future. You may choose to save a minimum of $10 per month to a maximum of 30% of your total monthly salary.

Savings interest is at 1% per annum and is credited monthly into this account .

You are also able to withdraw your savings under this Account any time as and when you require.

Term Deposit

A member may deposit a minimum sum of $500 in the Term Deposit Account for a fixed period of either 6, 12 or 18 months. Attractive interest is paid on this account.

Term Deposit Rates Wef 3 May 2021

6 months 12 months 18 months
$500 to $50,000 0.2000% p.a 0.4000% p.a 0.4000% p.a
$50,001 and above 0.3500% p.a 0.5000% p.a 0.5000% p.a

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