Secured Loan

A member may borrow up to 100% of his total savings (subscriptions, savings and term deposits) with the Co-operative.

Medical Loan

A member may apply for Medical Loan to defray medical expenses for essential medical treatment of himself or his immediate family member.

Education Loan

A member may apply for Education Loan to defray expenses connected with tertiary education of himself or his immediate family member.

Renovation Loan

A member may apply for Renovation Loan to defray renovation expenses of a member’s owner-occupied property. Loan amount shall not exceed $30,000.

Personal Loan

For any purpose such as marriage, bridging, travelling, etc.

A member may loan up to:

  1. With salary check-off or with Sureties
    A maximum of 6 months’ salary or $50,000 whichever is lower; or
  2. With interbank giro but without salary check-off and without Surety
    4 months’ salary or $30,000 whichever is lower.

Consolidation Loan

A member may request to consolidate his loans for better loan servicing management.

Loan Application Process

There are two ways to apply as follows:

  1. apply personally at our office; and
  2. apply via email at

Apply personally at ‘Wisma AUPE’ office

You may apply for a loan by coming down to our office personally. Please remember to collect a queue number and wait for your turn. You will be attended to in the shortest time possible. In most cases, you will receive your loan quickly on the same day.

Apply online via our website

You may download the application form here. Our staff will contact you once we receive your application.

Documentation for Loan Application

Documents required when applying for:

  1. Secured Loan
    1. Your original NRIC only.
  2. Non-Secured Loan
    1. Your original NRIC;
    2. Your latest payslip;
    3. Your personal Credit Bureau Report for credit assessment if your monthly salary is $1,500 and above; and
    4. Your latest credit cards and overdraft statements.
    5. Moneylenders Credit Bureau Report.

Guarantee for non-secured loan

A non-secured loan may be guaranteed by two Sureties, or an applicant may request to be guaranteed under the Loan Default Guarantee Scheme. All non-secured loan applications are subject to credit assessment.

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