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  Hospitalisation Scheme  
A member of the AUPE Multi-purpose Co-op Ltd who is warded in a registered hospital in Singapore may claim an allowance of $20 for each day of hospitalisation subject to a maximum of $5,000 per calendar year and a total limit of $10,000 per member for his entire period of membership. The allowance is to assist members to meet part of the hospital expenses.
  Every fully paid-up member is eligible for the benefit on condition that:  
  a) he has at least 6 months’ membership with the Society;  
he should not be in arrears of subscriptions or loan instalment re-payments;
he has to make the claim within 90 days from the date of discharge from hospital; and
  d) he is below age of 65 years of age  
    Click here for Hospitalisation Benefits Claim Form  
  Study Grants  
Study grants varying from $50 to $300 are offered to you to help meet your children's educational expenses. These are offered yearly, mostly based on financial need.
    Types of Grants  
    Primary School $ 50  
    Secondary School $100  
    ITE/Pre-U/Junior College $150  
    Polytechnic $200  
    University $300  
Members must have at least one year of membership and must not be in arrears in their subscription payment.
    Members can submit one application per child per year.  
In addition to the Co-op, the AUPE itself and the S&R Club also offer study grants. This enables more members to benefit from the awards.
  Thrift And Loan Services  
You can save with the AUPE Multi-purpose Co-operative to maximize your earnings on your “spare” funds. The Co-operative has been paying competitive dividends and interests for its three types of savings accounts, namely Subscription Savings, Saving Deposits and Term Deposits.
  1.   Subscription Savings  
All members are required to maintain a compulsory Subscription Savings Account. You can save as little as $10 per month. This subscription savings account will attract an annual dividend.
  2.   Saving Deposits  
As a member of the Co-operative, it is not compulsory to save under the Saving Deposits Account. However, it helps you to put aside some money for a rainy day. You can save a minimum of $10 per month to a maximum of 30% of your total deductions of your monthly salary.
Interest is paid once a year based on the balances as at 30 December. For 2014, the interest is very attractive at 1% interest per annum.
You can withdraw your savings under this Account any time as and when you require.
  3.   Term Deposit  
A member may deposit a minimum sum of $500 in the Term Deposit Account for a fixed period of either 6,12 or 18 months. Attractive interest is paid on this account.
  4.   The following are our latest products cater for our members’ needs :  
    a) Personal Unsecured Loan;  
    b) Personal Secured Loan;  
    c) Education Loan;  
    d) Medical Loan and  
    e) Renovation Loan  
  5.   Unsecured Loan  
A member can loan up to a maximum of 6 months’ income or $40,000 whichever is lower under our Personal Loan Scheme (with salary check-off or with surety). If without salary check-off and without surety, the loan eligibility is 4 months’ income or $20,000 whichever is lower.
  6.   Secured Loan  
A member can borrow up to 100% of his total savings (subscriptions, savings and term deposits) with the Co-operative.
  7.   Education Loan  
A member can apply such loan to defray tertiary expenses of member or his immediate member.
  8.   Medical Loan  
A member can apply such loan to defray medical expenses for essential medical treatment of member or his immediate family member.
  Renovation Loan  
A member can apply such loan to defray renovation expenses of a member’s owner-occupied property. Loan amount shall not exceed $30,000.
  10.   Applying at “Wisma AUPE” office  
You may apply for a loan by either coming down to our office personally, or you may apply online via our website at If you come to the office, please remember to collect a queue number and wait for your turn. You will be attended quickly. In most cases, you may get your loan cheque on the same day.
  11.   Applying online  
If you apply online, our staff will contact you once we receive your application. You will be given an appointment to come down to our office to collect your cheque. You will be attended to immediately if you come at the appointed time. This is our speedy loan service.
  12.   Documents required when applying for a secured loan  
    (a)   your original NRIC;  
  13.   Documents required when applying for a non-secured loan  
    (a)   your original NRIC;  
    (b)   your latest payslip;  
personal credit report for credit assessment if your monthly salary is $1500 and above; any
    (d)   latest credit cards and overdraft statements.  
  V.   Guarantee for non-secured loan  
A non-secured loan may be guaranteed by two Sureties, or an applicant may request to be guaranteed under the Loan Default Guarantee Scheme. All non-secured loan applications are subject to credit assessment.
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