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AUPE Multi-Purpose Co-operative is offering 1% interest per annum for its Savings Deposit Account for Year 2014. This is higher than many others. Previously, the Co-operative used to pay out interest twice yearly but from 2007, interest will be computed monthly and made payable based on balances on 31 December. If Savings Deposits are withdrawn earlier than this date, the interest will be based on the last completed month.
Another good news is that, it has been decided to lift the cap of $50.00 per month in the Savings Deposit Account. Members will be allowed to save any amount not beyond the total deduction of 30% of their monthly salary.
Members wishing to save more can obtain a form from our website or request our staff to fax or post the form. Our contacts are Tel No: 62808033, and our office is at WISMA AUPE, 295 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 534929.
Please click here for the Authorisation Form to Increase/Decrease Co-op Deduction
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