AUPE Sports and Recreation Club  
  Wisma AUPE  
  295 Upper Paya Lebar Road  
  Singapore 534929  
  Club House Rules  
  1   All members and guests shall comply the following rules at all times and it is the duty of the management to enforce them at all times.  
  2   In these Rules -  
  a)   ‘Management’ includes the Club Honorary Secretary, Managers and employees of the Club or its nominees.  
  b)   ‘Members’ includes Ordinary, Affiliate, Honorary, Associate, Participating, Social Members and Guests of the Club.  
  c)   ‘Guest’ includes the spouse or child under the age of 18 years of an Ordinary, Honorary, Associate, Participating, and Social Members.  
  3   The Club shall be open to all classes of members of the club.  
  4   The Club shall be open and the facilities will be available for use by members during such hours and subject to such conditions as the Management may, from time to time decide.  
  5   Members are permitted to bring along with them into the Club, their spouse, their children under the age of 18.  
  6   Members, except Affiliate Members, may be allowed to introduce up to four guests at any one time to the Club, provided that no person who has been expelled as a member of the Club or who has been declared by the Committee as unsuitable to be introduced as a guest shall be introduced as a guest. The member introducing a guest shall enter the guest’s name and address together with his own in the Guest Book.  
  7   Members are required to identify themselves when requested to do so by the Club management. Members are also required to record their names and other membership details in the register or they may be refused entry into the Club.  
  8   Any member introducing a guest shall be responsible for the proper conduct and behaviour of, debts incurred and damages caused by their guests, observance by his guest of the Rules and Regulations and General By-Laws of the Club.  
  9   If a member’s guest are unruly or his behaviour and conduct causes annoyance to other members, he may be asked to leave the Club premises by management.  
  10   Members shall be responsible for the proper conduct and behaviour of, debts incurred and damages caused by their guest spouses and children  
  11   Disciplinary action may be taken against any member whose guests infringe the Rules and Regulations and General By-Laws of the Club.  
  12   Management shall have the powers to control, or restrict the introduction of guests into all or any part of the Club.  
  13   Members shall not give any gratuity or money to any employee of the Club, unless authorised by the Management Committee.  
  14   No food or drinks other than that served by the Club may be brought into any part of the premises of the Club except with the special approval of the Management committee.  
  15   Animals or pets shall not be allowed in the Club premises.  
  16   No Club properties shall be taken out of the Club premises.  
  17   Young persons under the age of 18 shall not play the Fruit Machines nor be served hard liquor. They shall not enter the Members’ Lounge, any other designated bar areas and the Fruit Machine Rooms.  
  18   Members and guest shall be properly attired when visiting the Club and using the Clubhouse facilities. The accepted attire is a shirt, which must have sleeves, and trousers, or national costume. Slippers (flip flops), bare feet, wooden clogs or swimming costumes are not allowed in the Clubhouse.  
  19   Persons in shorts and sleeveless T-shirts shall not be permitted into the Members’ Lounge, AUPE Pub, Jackpot Room and the Garden Cafe. Ladies must be appropriately attired.  
  20   No member or guest shall reprimand any Club employee or any of the staff of the Club.  
  21   Employees of the Club are not allowed to play the Fruit Machines while they are on duty.  
  22   The Management Committee shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to any article or property brought into the Club premises and car parks.  
  23   The Management Committee shall not be liable for any injury whatsoever or howsoever caused to any person whilst in the Club premises and car parks.  
  24   All members, their guests and visitors shall park their cars properly in designated areas or as directed by management.  
  25   Cars parked in reserved car lots and unauthorised areas or parked in such a manner as to cause obstruction to traffic may be towed away at the owner’s expense and the owner shall, in addition, be subjected to disciplinary action.  
  26   Any member or his guest breaks, damage, deface or abuse the property of the Club shall pay to the Club the cost of making good the damage. The management shall assess the amount of such cost and the decision shall be final.  
  27   The promotion or conduct of a private lottery is not allowed in the Club’s premises, unless the Management Council has permitted it.  
  28   Gambling and drug taking is strictly prohibited in the Club’s premises.  
  29   All members and guest shall not indulge in any political activity in the club’s premises.  
  30   Smoking is strictly prohibited in all the Club outlets and premises, other than at the smoking designated area.  
  31   The Council reserves the right to expel any member who, in their opinion, brings discredit to the name and interest of the Club by his or her conduct. Any member served with a notice of expulsion shall only be eligible for reinstatement as a member after a period of 12 months has elapsed from the date of his or her expulsion.  
  32   The Club shall not be liable for any injury whatsoever or howsoever caused to any member or any guest.  

30 September 2009